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Meet the Team

We are excited to announce that we have a new management team!
As of 2020 we are a team of 4 that come from different backgrounds to provide you with the perfect software woodworking solution. We have realised our dream this year of creating the perfect end-to-end solution for Woodworkers and are pleased to announce that in a few months we will be launching our new licence manager.
This new website and licence manager will provide you with a more streamlined and improved shopping experience.

Brian Korremans
Director and Product Owner

    Hi, I am the product owner of Analyzer who first developed the software to help my own woodworking company. I have been working with Analyzer since year 2000 and I come to the company with 45 years of joinery experience. Outside of work I have recently gotten into bike riding and enjoy spending time with my family and Grandchildren. I am looking forward to this next chapter in 3D Analyzer Software and to providing you all with a better and more complete Analyzer experience.

    Tamara Korremans
    Director and Project Manager

      Hi, I have been working with Analyzer for 10 years now doing marketing and admin. I am excited to start my new role working as a Director of Analyzer and Project Manager. I come from a background in Graphic Design and I bring creativity and organisation to Analyzer. Someone has to keep the men in this company organised! Outside of work I am a Mum to Bailey 12 and Jasmine 10, I like to sew and read in my spare time. I look forward to working with you all.

      Mark Addy
      Director and User Experience

        Hi, I have been working with Analyzer for 5 years now designing marketing assets and growth hacking. I am excited to start my new role working as a Director of User Experience. I come from a background in Graphic Design, Advertising, UX, CX Design. Out of work I love Kungfu, Music and herding my French Bulldogs. I bring Design Thinking and Agile to our growing platform

        Adam Bitmead
        Director and Subject Matter Expert(SME)

          Adam is a tradesman joiner has spent over 12 years developing his skills in the software industry; specialising in a variety of programs specific to the design & woodworking market. He has spent 10+years consulting to joinery companies around the world on how to improve their processes and their software systems.

        Marco Bareiss
        Developer / Programmer

          Hi, I have been working with Analyzer for the last 5 years and I come from a joiner / cabinetmaker background. I have worked in the industry for 43 years. My programming experience goes back to 1987 with the programming language C, later C++. I started drawing with AutoCAD in 1993 and programming it soon after. My hobbies include skiing, surfing and RC Model Helicopters.