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Analyzer Manufacturing

What is Analyzer Manufacturing?

Analyzer Manufacturing will transform your Analyzer CAD model into information your team and machinery will understand. Unite your manufacturing process with 3D Analyzer Software.

Send your Analyzer CAD drawings to Analyzer Manufacturing. The Analyzer CAD data is geometrically analyzed and all possible variables are added to the parts in the model. These variables are used to determine all the manufacturing data. Analyzer Manufacturing calculates part size and shape, joint fixing, hinge and draw machining, part edging and part size adjustments, adjustable shelf drilling plus any other manufacturing data required. 

This application is specifically designed for the flat panel industry. Its purpose is to eliminate the manual process of calculating CNC machining operations, cutting lists and all other manufacturing data.

How do I get Analyzer Manufacturing?

Currently Analyzer Manufacturing is installed into your computer by one of our technicians.

This installation service can be purchased from our website and costs $299. This initial installation includes creating your user account and 10 Analyzer recharge hours to get you started. Once the software is installed you purchase recharge hours when needed in blocks of 10, 30, 50, 100 and 150 hours from our website.


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