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Analyzer CAM Subscription 12 Months

Analyzer CAM Subscription 12 Months

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Analyzer CAM is a rectangular nesting optimiser developed to be used with Analyzer Manufacturing and AutoCAD

Parts are automatically optimised to suit any sheet size and are controlled via the user settings during the optimisation process.

Users also have manual control to edit the optimisation results and even move parts from sheet to sheet as the need arises. This can be a useful tool when reusing off-cut material or material that may be partially damaged.

Analyzer CAM is built on industry standards for furniture manufacturing and is competitively priced, featuring all standard CAM functionality.

Some of its advanced features include:

  • Easy to configure tooling parameters
  • Easy to create complex machining strategies
  • Full tool control including varying tool parameters based on material being cut
  • Grain Matching Parts
  • Grouping and Re Nest capabilities
  • On-demand Labeling
  • Ability to export drill head configuration to AutoCAD


      Pick a subscription: Month to month (new licence delivered every month)

      12 Month - new activation code delivered every year on renewal (most convenient option) More users, more savings.

      More users, more savings
      10% off for purchasing 12 month subscription
      Secure new activation code delivered by email every 12 months - The ultimate set and forget option.
      PLEASE NOTE: Analyzer CAM currently only works with Woodtron CNC out the box.
      More CNC types coming soon, please contact us for more options