Analyzer Manufacturing Subscription 1 Month

Analyzer Manufacturing Subscription 1 Month

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Analyzer Manufacturing V5 is a stand alone product designed to work with Analyzer CAD and Analyzer CAM.

Enjoy Analyzer Manufacturing without having the hassle of buying recharge hours. 

The benefit of knowing exactly what you are spending monthly.

Note: If you are an existing Analyzer Manufacturing customer you must use caution downloading this exe. Please contact us if you are interested in upgrading to V5.

Supported CAD software AutoCAD and Pytha 3D CAD

Pytha 3D CAD users need to check what version they are using. If you are running PYTHA V23 or later you will also need Pytha to set up your parts list with the ability to run to Analyzer Manufacturing. You also need to make sure you have:

  • Module 103 – Stuckliste – Parts list
  • Module 118 – CAM Analyzer
  • Without these your PYTHA license will not link to Analyzer Manufacturing.

    AutoCAD users need to be be using version 2012 onwards.

    Analyzer Manufacturing will link to the following CAM software:

  • Biesse Works
  • Woodwop
  • Enroute/EzyNEST
  • NC Hops 5
  • Aspan
  • CADCode
  • ProfileLAB
  • Masterwood

  • Please watch our Analyzer Manufacturing training tutorial to get you started.

    Please note: If you need custom setup and scripting you'll need to purchase this separately. We sell this in bundles of:

     Analyzer Manufacturing Implementation

    This service covers a standard Analyzer Manufacturing implementation. It includes Tooling configuration, Drawer configuration, Hinge configuration and Standard machining operation configuration. Standard Analyzer implementation covers up to 5 hours of work, any time over this will need to be purchased by buying additional support hours.

    Basic CAM Connection

    Analyzer V5 comes standard with: 

    • 3/8inch 3 Wing Compression Cutter – Standard Particle Board up to 25mm
    • 3/8inch 2 Wing Compression Cutter – Standard MDF Board up to 25mm
    • 1/2inch Compression Cutter – For all material from 25mm and over
    • 1/2inch Single Flute Downspiral – For all rebates
    • Drills 3, 5, 8, 10, 20, 35

    If you require tooling outside this list, this service will cover setting up tools and strategies for your companies current tooling. 

    This package allows for a maximum of 8 hours of work, anything over this and additional support hours will need to be purchased.